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Located at the Marilyn Kapner Levin Center for Children’s Advocacy and Child Abuse Prevention and the Allen R. Levin Family Advocacy and Education Wing


"It is hard to express the feeling you get when you enter GCKH. As a supporter, one cannot imagine how a child might feel. Bless the GCKH for providing asafe place for so many children who are able to receive justice for their story." ~Sue Sue Sherrill

"In our two-year relationship with GCKH, we have piloted an alternate implementation model with great success.  Previously, our model had only been to train school counselors to deliver our program (2 lessons per grade) in their schools. However, in Escambia County we were unable to secure support for implementation of the MBF Child Safety Matters program due to limited staff availability in the schools.  We piloted this alternate model using an external agency (GCKH) to go into the schools and implement the program and have been extremely pleased with successful outcomes.

Due to the success of this pilot and by learning through our work with GCKH about scaling the implementation, collaborating with both the school system and an external agency, and developing policies and procedures that ensured the pilot was successful, it is now our intention to offer this alternate model to other communities as we expand outside of Florida." ~Stacy Pendarvis, MSW, MA, Program Director, Monique Burr Foundation

"Gulf Coast Kids House is the one place that can make a family feel safe from harm." ~GCKH Client

"Perhaps the single most obvious effectiveness of the MBF Child Safety Matters program came in the form of a first grade student. From the lessons he found his voice! Never in a million years would I have guessed the trauma he was enduring at home. Through marriage he gained a 12 year old brother and sexual abuse soon followed. By having his 'Trusted Adults' and the language to express himself he was able to confide in his mother. In this field, we often say, 'If it helps one child it was worth it.' I know for certain, we as a team, helped one student in particular and probably countless others." ~Cat Jordan, Cordova Park Elementary School Counselor


"Recently, I was told by a longtime friend that her niece was treated with excellent service at GCKH. In hearing how her family received compassionate and professional care. GCKH is a tremendous organization made up of caring and dedicated professionals. They have my utmost respect — and Lord knows they are not in it for the money. They have chosen a profession that undoubtedly impacts their lives on a daily basis by seeing the worst of the worst that society has to offer.Thanks to GCKH, abuse victims and their families have hope, and they no longer have to "learn to live with it." ~David Peaden, executive director of the Home Builders Association of West Florida

"The delegates were so impressed. They have never seen a facility like Gulf Coast Kid's House and they hope one day to have a simliary facility in Panama. You were a true inspiration to them." ~ Jena, Gulf Coast Diplomacy Council

"I had a very happy childhood and I have cherished memories of growing up in this community. However, not all children are fortunate enough to grow up in the stable atmosphere that I experienced. Children are very near and dear to my heart, as they are the leaders of tomorrow. Gulf Coast Kids House creates a safe environment for these children to begin their healing, and they do a wonderful job in helping these children reach peace. I feel fortunate to be in a position to help, and I thank them for the opportunity they have allowed me." ~ Sandy Sansing

"Gulf Coast Kids House provides a comprehensive, culturally competent, multidisciplinary team approach addressing all aspects of child abuse in one comfortable, child friendly location. Gulf Coast Kids House is an essential part of our community; working to minimize the emotional damage to children by preventing “re-victimization, promoting effective prosecution and treatment, and speeding emotional recovery. I believe in Gulf Coast Kids House, because it provides improved lives for child victims and higher conviction rates for offenders." ~ Brad Schild

When I first became involved with The Kid’s House, it was just a dream. Now that is has been open for over four years, several things really stand out in my mind. First, the need for this facility is overwhelming. I was shocked by the number of children who have benefited by our doors being open. Secondly, the positive effect the organizational structure of the agencies providing services at the Kid’s House have had upon the children being served and the prosecution of those that abuse them. And lastly, the hard work and dedication of the service providers and our staff who make the Kid’s House what it is, a warm, loving place for children who need our help and protection. ~ Marvin D. Beasley, Jr.

Volunteering at Gulf Coast Kids House is exciting for me. I am on the Prevention Task Force and have the opportunity to present Stewards of Children to the community. This program provides training to adults to help them prevent childhood sexual abuse and to identify and react responsibly when abuse has occurred. I believe we can change the future for our children by protecting them and working with “Kids House” is the best way I can see to do that. ~ Peg McElroy

Thank you so much for the wonderful, educational Safety NET Program. The children and teachers were very pleased. I had one student come to me today to say his parents “didn’t even know about that stuff.” So, as you can tell, the children took the message home. I am hoping we will be able to have your Safety NET program again next year. Thank you so much for your time and great information. ~ Lynne Mogg Counselor, AK Suter Elementary

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