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K - 12 Prevention Education

Resources for Children, Teens and Students

My Body Belongs To Me

Watch the short animated film and start the conversation about child abuse, personal safety, and sexual abuse in a clear way for children to understand.

Prevention Programs for Children and Students

Throughout the school year, our Prevention Team teaches the Monique Burr Foundation's research-based programs, which educate and empower children and teens about the dangers present in society today and how to help adults keep them safe.

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MBF Child Safety MattersTM

Children K-5th Grade
Two 60-minute sessions per grade level

This age-appropriate, facilitator-led class teaches children five safety rules and how they relate to all types of child abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, and digital abuse.

MBF Teen Safety MattersTM

Teens 6th-8th Grade
Three 60-minute sessions per grade level

This age-appropriate facilitator-led class educates and empowers students with strategies to prevent, recognize, and respond to bullying, cyberbullying, child abuse/exploitation, digital dangers, and relationship violence.

Date Safe, Date Smart


This facilitator-led PowerPoint presentation is appropriate for students in their teens. Educates and empowers participants to build healthy youth relationships and helps them to end abusive ones safely. 

Need a custom presentation?

Gulf Coast Kid’s House is always happy to provide custom presentations upon request at your desired location.  

Group of Teens

Teens and Consent

Helping pre-teens and teens gain the skills and tools to understand what consent is, how to ask for it and how to give or decline it. 

Consent Conversation Guide

Consent Wallet Card