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MBF Program Educators Portal

Opt-Out Forms

Please make sure that Parents know they can Opt-Out of the presentation by filling out the appropriate forms below. We also offer Parent Programs for each school so that they can learn the material to share with their children.

Child Safety Matters Opt-Out Form »

Teen Safety Matters Opt-Out Form »

Pre and Post Tests

Escambia County Educators, please have your students complete the online Pre-Assessment for the appropriate grade prior to our arrival for your scheduled presentation of MBF Child Safety MattersTM or MBF Teen Safety MattersTM.

Once we have completed Part 2 of the presentation, please have your students complete the Post-Assessment within one week. It should take the students approximately 1-2 minutes. We have partnered with the University of West Florida on this project.

Pre-Test Assessments

Post-Test Assessments